Products we are selling now
Vanquisher A completely new commercial lightweight amphibious all-terrain vehicle designed to match modern requirements in mobility and off-road performance. Most of classic concepts of amphibious ATV were reviewed and our product utilizes many opportunities of modern technologies, already available in automotive and aerospace industries but never seen before in ATVs.      Electric transmission eliminates most of unreliable parts of XX century designs: gears, chains, gearboxes and clutch as...
EV 48
EV 48  We are proud to be the first to offer a complete power management and control system for electric vehicles as a product you can take from a box and apply for your own vehicle design with minimum engineering costs. Our unique system is an integrated solution for the small-to-medium size hybrid-electric or battery-powered utility vehicle or automated guided vehicle, capable to work as indoors so outdoors. It includes virtually everything you may need to build an...
IntC           intC - Computer unit is running general motion control algorithms, logs everything and supports drivers’ workplace and remote control. It is a compact IP67 module with a built-in TFT LED display so it could be integrated into front panel of a drivers’ workplace as a display module. It connects all necessary sensors, buttons, switches and signals to provide a driver with vehicle control interface as well as various di...
intEn IntEn is a key component of our low voltage power management and control system. Our unique system is world’s first integrated solution for the power management and control of hybrid-electric utility or automated guided vehicle, capable to work outdoors. It’s our side product developed as a part of our amphibious rescue transporter known as The Vanquisher, we are manufacturing. It is made for extreme conditions onboard of all-terrain vehicle in a wide range of temperatures ...
FPV and Follow-Me
FPV and Follow-Me  Remote control unit supports a whole set of remote control features: a remote command 433MHz radio link, First Person View video streaming from onboard motorized HD camera with onscreen displays copying main computer screen, Follow Me ultrasonic radar system for auto piloting.      Long range 433MHz remote controller is made as a sealed sensor module and gives basic control over speed and direction of the vehicle and control of front and r...
FEV Power Module
FEV Power Module Forty Eight Volt (FEV) DC Power Module is a compact pertol modular generator specially designed for low voltage hybrid-electric drivetrain with air-cooling system may be used as a core of hybrid vehicle as well as a stationary 48V power source. Multipole alternator provides high stability of voltage. Generator could be connected to intEn BLDC2 module to make a complete power management system for a simple electric-driven application.
Products Coming Soon
Autonomous transporter
Autonomous transporter Based on vast experience with electric vehicle and remote control systems design gained whilst the completion of A-SYS-D Vanquisher we have launched our new research and development project in 2015. The propose of the development is to create a prospective automated robotic transport system. With our unique optical navigation system we may offer a solution as for outdoor only applications so for mixed applications.​ Our autonomous discrete-conveyer transport system (ADTS) is&nb...
VQ Moos Dual
VQ Moos Dual   Few more products based on the Vanquisher platform and our other technologies are coming soon: ​ Vanquisher Moos - dual section heavy duty transporter capable to carry up to 2000kg payload. Moos can be used as a cargo transporter or personnel carrier with up to 10 passengers or as an ultimate firefighting vehicle with 1500l of water onboard and strong 10+ kW pump. ​ New patents pending. ​ ​
Vanquisher Fire
Vanquisher Fire Vanquisher Fire - fast and comfortable plastic unibody recreational transporter with enforced power plant to achieve maximum speed. ​ ​