Past and Future

A-SYS-D development team consists of experienced electronics and mechanical engineers, firmware, software and FPGA designers, equipped with up-to-date CAD/CAM and testing tools and facilities including mechanical workshop, ESD-protected ISO8 cleanroom and various laboratories. With multiple CNC machine tools, plastic 3D printing and thermo-vacuum forming equipment and composite materials sector the team of skilled technicians is capable to manufacture most of the designed products in-house.


Working on Vanquisher platform we had to develop a set of rare technologies that we couldn’t find on the open market. Most of them are either not available at all or could be received for unreasonable price. After several years of hard work we now have a unique toolkit of technologies and solutions which opens a number of opportunities to build various outdoor vehicles with electric or hybrid-electric drivetrain and advanced robotized control features. 

A-SYS-D has over 20 years of custom electronics development for autonomous control and data acquisition system. We may offer a number of solutions for embedded computers for extreme environment, data storages, spread spectrum radio channels, live video data processing, ultrasonic data acquisition and various system-on-chip custom microcontrollers.

Our recent developments:

Long Range Spread Spectrum radio communication system operating at low frequencies (below 500MHz) developed by A-SYS-D is capable of supporting command and telemetry link with live video transmission for the distances up to 15000m.​

First Person View system with onscreen display operating with a motorized onboard camera combined with Follow Me ultrasonic beacon-radar system is a unique tool of remote control for the ATV, never implemented before on a civil market.​

Technology of of compact low voltage/high current DC power modules made of air-cooled petrol engines, multi-pole alternators and ultra capacitor energy storages. 

Low voltage/high current BLDC motor multichannel controllers integrated with relays and fuses and capable of networking operation in multi-wheel hybrid-electric vehicles are not available on the market too.