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Advanced System Design JSC. represents newest generation of system design houses focused on complete system solutions for rugged environment.

Core of the team has fifteen years experience in fields of mass data acquisition, logging, storing and processing as well as in control system development for autonomous unmanned vehicles. Strong ASIC design background, proven skills in FPGA design and state-of-art design flow give company an opportunity to develop system electronics solutions based on System-on-Chip technological approach with industry-leading parameters of effectiveness and reliability.

A-SYS-D successfully uses and actively promotes SoC technology and participates in public activity and electronics engineering educational programs.

Today A-SYS-D is a research and development house with total quality control and project management systems providing system design solutions for our customers in the following fields: - aerospace equipment for navigation, meteorological and earth observation satellites - autonomous vehicles onboard electronics - industrial and scientific equipment - NDT equipment including intellectual sensors - Data loggers and processors for rugged environment

Company operates as fabless design house and employs 30 full-time engineers, support team and set of subcontractors. Click for structure outline
A-SYS-D is open for cooperation with partners and customers worldwide using our complete solution business model